Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hello World!

Following the lead of my friends Coy and Nate, let's try this blogging thing.  I'll have to practice my new pick-up line, "I'm so awesome, have you seen my blog?"

My name is Joe Sylve.  I'm a Research Assistant for Dr. Golden G. Richard, III at the Greater New Orleans Institute for Information Assurance (GNOCIA).  I'll finish my Master's in Computer Science and Information Assurance in Fall '11 and that's where my story ends.  Will I get a PhD?  Will you hire me?  Will my friend Brett launch me into space with just the items in his pockets and a lawn chair?  Who knows?

My current research is in forensically-secure mobile computing, but my interests also include reverse engineering, kernel hacking, and network security.  BTW the GNOCIA is looking for two postdocs to assist with our research (see posting).  If you want to work with some very interesting and intelligent people, and live in the best city in the country for a while, you should apply.

Along with security research and graduate school, I also run a summer camp in Bay St. Louis, MS.  If you're looking for a safe and fun time for your child this summer on the Gulf Coast, you should check us out.

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